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Example 2: Kiah 2005

* Please note that this example is a work in progress, and that much of the information is actually from gallery2-to-dvd, not DVD-Baker. 'Stay tuned' to see an updated example.

Kiah's site has a menu tree similar to the one shown on the right.

All images are stored in leaf albums, some with comments and descriptions, some with the original "img_1234.jpg" assigned to them from a Canon camera. Any description starting with "img" is currently assumed to be blank.

Mpeg and xvid videos are scattered around, however, xvid is not recognised by dvd-baker. The mpeg videos have their view permissions removed so they don't appear when browsing the site (too large), and are (full resolution PAL) DVD-ready.

Highlights have been manually set throughout so that we can embed a highlighted image in it's corresponding menu. No validity checking of highlights is done yet, so random highlights can be a problem with mixed item types.

sample 1
Creating the DVD

The commands for producing a "Kiah 2005" PAL DVD with embedded menus, would then be:
$ dvd-baker \
-u "myusername" -p "mypassword" \
-n 'Kiah 2005' \
-d -e \

* Please note that Kiah's site is not available for public baking, please see Example 1 if you need to test.

Example DVD menu structure

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