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Example 1: Kiah test1

Kiah's test1 site contains two albums and a few images in each. Note that as test1 is only for testing DVD Baker, it is hidden from public view and requires username 'test1' with password 'test' both for normal viewing, and for baking with DVD Baker.

All images are stored in leaf albums, and have comments and descriptions.

The images are low quality copies from Kiah's original site, so don't be disappointed by the quality of the result. Remember that test1 is just used to demonstrate dvd-baker's abilities, not the quality that can be achieved.

An image in each album has been highlighted, with the highlight of the second album (Month 6) set as the highlight for the root album. This highlight has been used by DVD Baker to provide an embedded image in the root menu.

Creating the DVD

The command for baking a low-quality PAL DVD with embedded menu highlights from Kiah's test1 account would then be:
$ dvd-baker \
-q low \
-f pal \
-e \
-u test1 -p test \
-n "Kiah's test #1" \
-d \

The picture to the right shows the root menu of the subsequent DVD.

To see how the test1 DVD plays, click the image to download the test1 DVD filesystem (size=1.2MB).

Unpack it:
$ tar -jxf test1-DVD.tar.bz2

Play it:
$ gxine dvd:"$(pwd)/DVD"

test1 DVD

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