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dvd-baker is an application designed to turn your image collection into a DVD.
The dvd-baker package comprises mainly of a bash shell script, and is released under the GNU General Public License

Your image collection can be stored in:

dvd-baker is written by Marcus Brown and makes extensive use of the most excellent dvd-slideshow by Scott Dylewski, as well as dvdauthor.

  • Menu system based on the root and branch albums/folders
  • Slideshows made from the images in each leaf album using dvd-slideshow
  • An album's highlight is embedded in it's corresponding menu (optional)
  • Subtitles for each image (switchable)
  • Customisable image durations and transition effects
  • Autoplay after menu timeout plays each slideshow sequentially
  • Random autoplay (optional) if using dvdauthor >= 0.6.12
  • Either NTSC or PAL video formats
  • DVD-compliant MPEG movies can be included
  • High, medium or low quality modes
  • Audio effects and tracks can be added to image(s)

Theory: How dvd-baker works

It's as simple as RECIPE => BAKE => BURN !!!

1. Prepare the recipe maker:

For Menalto Gallery G2:

Install the dvd-baker module in your G2 website.

For a directory-tree structure containing images:

No preparation is required, just specify the directory name in step 2 and a recipe will be made for you.

2. Bake the ingredients:

If the default recipe produced by either method in step 1 does not suit your taste, make the recipe first with:

$ dvd-baker --get source

and edit recipe.txt to your liking.

Running dvd-baker will produce all the slideshows and menus as specified by the recipe, or create it's own recipe if one is not specified. A file called dvdauthor.xml will be produced describing all those menus and slideshows, and how they work together.

3. Burn the DVD:

If you didn't specify the -d option for dvd-baker, then execute:

$ dvdauthor -x dvdauthor.xml

To burn the dvd, use your preferred burning application to create a DVD-Video from the resultant ./DVD directory.

See the dvd-baker manual for the multitude of available options.


You can download dvd-baker from the dvd-baker repository at Sourceforge.


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