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Section: dvd-baker (1)
Version: 0.7.43


dvd-baker - Generates a slideshow DVD with menus



dvd-baker is an application designed to turn your image collection into a DVD.

It includes playback features like sequential/random autoplay, various image effects and transitions, and the ability to combine the presentation with audio.

Your image collection can be stored in:

- a directory structure

- a Menalto Gallery G2 web gallery (http://gallery.menalto.com/)



dvd-baker [-b|-d|-i] [--autoplay on|off] [--banner on|off] [--bar on|off] [--camera on|off] [--chapters on|off] [--debug 0..10] [-e] [-f NTSC|PAL] [--force] [--get] [-L id|"album title"|"directory"] [-l language] [-m on|off] [ --maker "arguments"] [--meter on|off] [-n "title"] [--nice 0..19] [-o "directory"] [-p password] [-q low|med|high] [-r on|off] [-R id|"album title"] [--sample 1..3] [--skipmenu] [--subtitles on|off] [-t dir|g2] [--test] [--time] [-u "username"] [-w] [source]

dvd-baker -h|-help|--h|--help [[sample <1..3>]|[recipe]]

dvd-baker --version

* Note that parameters surrounded by "quotes" indicate that if that parameter includes non-alphanumeric characters (like spaces) it should be "quoted". Quotes not required otherwise.



Options are processed in command line order.

source (must be specified last)

- the file name of a dvd-recipe file
- a directory name
- the URL for Menalto Gallery g2 website
- unspecified or a dash ("-") for stdin

--autoplay on|off

Enable/disable autoplay after menu timeout. Default is on


Burn ISO after baking (implies -i)

--banner on|off

Enable/disable the [dvd-baker] banner seen in the status messages to stdout.
Default is off

--bar on|off

Enable/disable the slideshow/menu progress bar.
Default is on

--camera on|off

Enable/disable blanking of subtitles that look like camera-allocated filenames.
Default is on

--chapters on|off

Enable/disable insertion of chapter markers within each slideshow. Intended for situations where more than 99 chapters in a slideshow could produce an unplayable DVD for some standalone players.
Default is on


Execute dvdauthor after baking ingredients.
This does not occur by default.

* outputDir/DVD/VIDEO_TS is cleared before authoring.

--debug 0..10

Higher level = more debug output.
Levels >=7 only increases logfile verbosity
Default is 0

* Note that --debug 1 is sufficient (in most cases) for bug reports.


Embed images in the background of the menu.

* Requires dvd-menu version >= 0.7.3


Use PAL video format instead of NTSC.
Default is NTSC

* Requires dvd-menu version >= 0.7.3


Allow a version mismatch between the recipe and dvd-baker.
Also ignore the version requirements of dependencies.


Only gets the recipe and puts it in the output directory.
No further processing (baking) is performed.


Prints this help.
To find out how to create/modify a recipe, append recipe for recipe syntax help,
or sample <1..n> for sample recipes.
       dvd-baker -h recipe

       dvd-baker -h sample 1


Make ISO after baking (implies -d)

-L id|"album title"|"directory"

Define a leader title to be played before the root menu.
Meaning depends on sourceType:
       g2: id or "album title" refers to a gallery album

       dir: "directory" refers to a local directory (absolute path name)

* "album title" or "path" should be "quoted" if they include non-alphanumeric characters (like spaces).

-l language

Set language of the DVD to language. Must be two-letter language code as used by dvdauthor. Default is determined by system environment. Fallback is 'en' (English).

* Note that dvd-baker (or it's author) does not currently understand what to do with a LANG="POSIX" environment setting. Feedback required.

-m on|off

Enable/disable use of options-menu system.
Default is off

--maker "arguments"

Pass arbitrary command arguments to the recipe-maker script.
Only (currently) effective with sourceType=dir.

--meter on|off

Enable/disable display of the incredibly attractive progress meter while baking.
Default is on

* Slideshow and menu progress is still shown if the progress bar is off.

-n "title"

Title of the root menu.
Defaults to the name of the root directory/album of the source.

* Titles containing non-alphanumeric characters (like spaces) must be enclosed in double quotes ("").

--nice 0..19

Sets the process nice levels for the recipe commands, slideshow and menu sub-tasks executed by dvd-baker.
Default is 15

-o "directory"

Directory where the output files are written.
Default is the current working directory.

* path names containing non-alphanumeric characters (like spaces) should be enclosed in double quotes ("").

-p password

Specify a password for the username.

-q low|med|high

Enable low, medium or high quality modes.

    high = full resolution and effect rendering.

    med = full resolution.

    low = half resolution.

Default is med

-r on|off

Enable/disable random autoplay.
Default is off

* Requires dvdauthor version >= 0.6.12

-R id|"album title"

Specify the root album id or "Album title" to bake on a gallery2 site. If not specified, the root album for the g2 user is used.

--sample integer

Bake sample #integer.
Show valid sample numbers with: dvd-baker -h sample


Start autoplay when the DVD is played, rather than displaying the root menu.

--subtitles on|off

Enable/disable forced subtitles. Default is on

-t dir|g2

Nominate the type of source to bake.
Current options include:
       g2      = gallery2

       dir     = local directory

Default is dir

* Not required if baking from a recipe file.


Parses the recipe but does not attempt to produce any slideshows or menus.
Commands embedded in the recipe are still executed.


Adds time-elapsed stamps to debug log.
Intended for debugging purposes only.

-u "username"

Specify the username for the website.

* Note that quotes are only required if the name contains non-alphanumeric characters.


Print version number to stdout and exit.


Do not use a white mask behind the menu-button list.


To read a recipe from stdin:

$ dvd-baker

To bake a directory called My Pictures:

$ dvd-baker "My Pictures"

To bake a Menalto G2 website:

$ dvd-baker -t g2 -u username -p password http://webserver/g2base

To get the recipe, without baking:

$ dvd-baker --get -t g2 -u username -p password http://webserver/g2base

To bake from a customised recipe:

$ dvd-baker recipe.txt

To bake sample 1 in PAL format with an embedded menu, and author the DVD:

$ dvd-baker -e -f pal -d --sample 1

* Where "$" is not entered, and indicates 'execute as user, not root'



Insert '--debug 1' in your command line and email the users list decribing your problem with a (g)zipped dvd-baker.log as an attachment.


In order to continue improving dvd-baker, the author would like to encourage you to give:

    - a piece of your mind (feedback) to:


    - helpful suggestions (patches) to:


    - and/or a token of your appreciation (gift)

- - -  T H A N K   Y O U  - - -


-  D O N A T I O N S   K E E P    d v d - b a k e r   A L I V E  -



Marcus Brown <marcusbrutus@users.sourceforge.net>


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA.  


dvd-baker is Copyright © 2005-2006 Marcus Brown.  


dvd-baker(5) dvd-slideshow(1) dvd-menu(1) dvdauthor(1) imagemagick(1) gpl(7)




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Time: 13:46:58 GMT, April 12, 2006

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