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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and Never asked questions (NAQ)

The aim of this page is to answer questions before they are asked (again)

They are sectioned by:

If your question is not listed here, or you have a FAQ that should be included, please send a mail to dvd-baker-users@lists.sourceforge.net

Questions about dvd-baker.

Can I have a feature added to dvd-baker?

That will depend on the request, the manner of it's delivery, the time of day, and the direction of the prevailing winds.
In short: MAYBE.

Can I pay to have a feature added to dvd-baker?

Enthusiasm for your request may be influenced by bribery jump for joy.
In short: POSSIBLY.

How do I ask for a feature to be added?

dvd-baker Feature Requests

How powerful does my oven (computer) need to be?

dvd-baker has been developed on an Athlon 3200 (Venice) with 512MB of RAM. Testing has also been conducted on a Pentium III-650 (virtual machine) with 64MB of RAM.
If you want to bake at a reasonable speed your oven's power rating should be in the order of GHz, however, this will be affected by the size and complexity of your recipes, and your patience.

Will my oven (computer) overheat when using dvd-baker?

dvd-baker will keep your oven at full temperature for extended periods of time. If your oven has a cooling problem, it is likely that dvd-baker will find it. Consider yourself warned.
In short: PROBABLY.

Questions relating to gallery2

What if I resize an image in gallery2?

The full-resolution image is used by dvd-baker.

What if I rotate an image in gallery2?

The rotated version of the full-resolution image is used by dvd-baker.

Which modules should I consider activating?

Apart from the dvd-baker module, nothing else should be necessary, however, extra functionality can be realised with modules like User Albums and Random Highlight.

How do I bake a single album (and it's sub-albums)?

The simplest way is to install the 'User Albums' module. By making the chosen album owned by a particular user, you can then perform the procedure as shown in Example 1. Where that example employs a user called 'test1'. For the dvd-baker module to work correctly on those albums, the user must have these minimum permissions:

  • [core] View all versions
  • [comment] View comments

Questions about bugs

Does dvd-baker have any bugs?

Take a number and lose a BROWNIE POINT.

Why do I have weird errors on some standalone players?

The current technique used by dvd-baker to construct the DVD uses 'a blank menu in the FPC'. This can result in problems with some players. Typical symptoms include the root menu not showing, or autoplay showing the same slideshow continously. This poor technique will be addressed in a future release. Donations may increase the urgency of this problem.

How should I report a bug?

The best way is to send a description of your problem, along with a gzipped dvd-baker.log to dvd-baker-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Once confirmed as a bug, feel free to report it using the dvd-baker bug tracking system. Bug reports that do not contain adequated information, logfiles, or appropriate language will treated as low priority without notice.

Questions about the author of dvd-baker

Are you a legend?

Thanks for asking. No.

Are you influenced by flattery?

No. You would be putting my woman out of work.

Why do you keep asking for donations?

Shallow pockets, an expensive hobby, and a baby daughter.

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