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Example 3: Countries of the World

This example shows how to create a DVD from a directory tree.


The root directory contains subdirectories for each continent, and a world map. The continents contain their respective maps and subdirectories for each country. Each country subdirectory contains a GIF image of the national flag, along with a MIDI audio file of the national anthem.

The first image found (determined by the specified sort order) in a branch or root album is selected to become the embedded image in the menu produced for that album. If there are no images in the branch album, the first image in the first subalbum is selected.

See the directory listing on the right for a visual explanation.

View directory listing


Our first attempt to bake our "Countries of the World" DVD starts with:
$ dvd-baker -d -e -f pal -q low -r on ~/"Countries of the World" --debug 1 --subtitles off

The options listed ask for:
  • (dvd)author the DVD,
  • embed images in menus,
  • PAL format DVD,
  • low quality transition effects and resolution (half D1),
  • random autoplay,
  • produce a debug log (but still see the beautiful progress meter;),
  • and don't display subtitles during playback.

Hours pass by, as not only do the midi-to-wav conversions take time, but each slideshow is now the length of the music track for that slideshow.

...and then 'BEEP-BEEP-BEEP', with output including:
[dvd-baker] FATAL ERROR: output directory is 99% used.
[dvd-baker] There is not enough free space to author the DVD.
[dvd-baker] Aborting
Oh no! Forgot to make enough room!

All is not lost, however.
After freeing some disk space, the command is re-executed, but this time the slideshows do not need to be generated.

The final result:
$ dvd-baker -d -e -f pal -q low -r on ~/"Countries of the World" --debug 1 --subtitles off
            __           __      __            __                            / /          / /     / /           / /                        ____/ /_  __ ____/ /     / /_   ____ _ / /__ ____   _ ___      / __  /| |/ // __  /___  / _  \ / __ `// //_// __ \ / `__/     / (_/ / | ' // (_/ /(___)/ /_) // (_/ // _`\ / ____// /     \__,_/  |__/ \__,_/     /_,___/ \__,_//_/ \_\\____//_/                                                   0.7.39
[dvd-baker] dvd-baker 0.7.39
[dvd-baker] Licensed under the GNU GPL
[dvd-baker] Copyright 2005-2006 by Marcus Brown
[dvd-baker] mailto:dvd-baker-users@lists.sourceforge.net
[dvd-baker] Making recipe for directory:
[dvd-baker]     '/home/myuser/Countries of the World'
[dvd-baker]     Done.
[dvd-baker] Baking may take HOURS depending on:
[dvd-baker]     - the size and complexity of your recipe
[dvd-baker]     - the power of your oven (computer)
[dvd-baker] Please enjoy the progress meter while you wait :)
[dvd-baker] Baking progress: sssss...MMMMM
[dvd-baker] Titles: 106
[dvd-baker]     Slideshows: 106
[dvd-baker]     Movies: 0
[dvd-baker]     Images: 113
[dvd-baker] Menus: 16
[dvd-baker]     Overs: 9
[dvd-baker]     Buttons: 112
[dvd-baker] Authoring DVD: Done
[dvd-baker] Test before burning with something like:
[dvd-baker] $ gxine dvd:"/home/myuser/DVD"
[dvd-baker] Create the DVD ISO with:
[dvd-baker] $ mkisofs -dvd-video \
[dvd-baker] >    -o "/home/myuser/dvd.iso" \
[dvd-baker] >    "/home/myuser/DVD"
[dvd-baker] Burn the DVD with something like:
[dvd-baker] # growisofs -dvd-compat
[dvd-baker] >    -Z /dev/dvd="/home/myuser/dvd.iso"
[dvd-baker] All done.

Note that baking time can be reduced significantly by omitting the debug option. It may not sound like a big deal, until you realise, that the debug file for the above example, on the lowest debug setting other than OFF (0), is approximately 9,500 lines! The recipe produced from the directory tree is over 2,500 lines. At full debug (10), the logfile produced was well over 20,000 lines!!!

So, does 'baking-your-own' sound easy yet?
Put a blank DVD-R into your DVD burner, replace -d with -b in the above command line, and dvd-baker will even burn it for you!


Well, after all that, we now have a warm disc ready for playing, with the smell of 'freshly baked' plastic.

To the right is a picture of the root menu.
Select it to view a compressed video of ONE of the 106 countries on the DVD.

View a sample slideshow video

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